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Going forward,  all elective and ambulatory information will be posted to the main program website, under the intranet.

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Journal Club March 14

This week, Caitlin will be discussing the SPRINT trial that was recently published in NEJM.  Please read and come prepared to discuss!


Clinic Pearl of the Week: You can get labs added to blood already drawn by having your Admin Team call the lab (send urgent task with an additional ICD- 10 code if applicable). Do not add electronic order in addition. Most tubes are saved for 5 days (3 days minimum). Perfect example: Iron and TIBC on a CBC tube once a low H/H comes

Journal Club February 22

Monday Tina will be discussing this interesting article about text messaging and CAD. Please read and come prepared to discuss!


** Clinic tip of the week:  When you see a new patient for the first time please task your admin to change “other 2” in the banner to you. Also if the patient has seen several different residents over a long period of time, please offer to be the patient’s PCP and change the banner if they are agreeable. Please also have the attending in the banner changed to the person precepting you that day. They should be from your team though. This is does not apply to acute care type visits for patients who have established PCP’s. ***