Journal Club February 29

Betsy will be discussing this article about PPIs and Dementia.  Please read ahead of time and come prepared to discuss!


Journal Club February 22

Monday Tina will be discussing this interesting article about text messaging and CAD. Please read and come prepared to discuss!


** Clinic tip of the week:  When you see a new patient for the first time please task your admin to change “other 2” in the banner to you. Also if the patient has seen several different residents over a long period of time, please offer to be the patient’s PCP and change the banner if they are agreeable. Please also have the attending in the banner changed to the person precepting you that day. They should be from your team though. This is does not apply to acute care type visits for patients who have established PCP’s. ***


Journal Club February 1

Betsy will discuss this article on Monday.  Please come prepared to discuss

Clinic pearl of the week:  When you need to send a patient to ER, have the MA call 911 whenever possible. If you are stuck in a situation and have to do it yourself, here are the steps that need to be followed. Please call 9-911, let the EMS operator know not only the floor but also the side (I street or Penn Ave). Please have the RN assess the patient while waiting. Also notify the following people: the POD so that they can direct them the right way, the MA taking care of the patient, and the lobby staff (extension 3367) so that they can direct the EMS staff appropriately